Christmas Catalog

It is always a delight to highlight some beautiful, striking and unique pieces for the Christmas Catalog. With so many appealing pieces it is hard to choose; so many worthy contenders — we will be definitely putting together a few more catalogs!

We hope you enjoy this hand picked selection, please click the image to find out more, enjoy!

Christmas @ Lobo Luxe


It has been a busy few weeks, and I am pleased to say that there are many wise men fulfilling the ‘wishlists’ for the special people in their lives; which means lots of happy women on Xmas morning!

This month we are offering free gift wrapping and a gift card, just place your order and we will take care of the rest.

As a special thank you and to help you with your Christmas Shopping we are offering free international and domestic shipping, this is offer ends on the 21 December.

This month’s lucky newsletter ‘subscribe and win’ $50 Gift Certificate Winner is Pauline Ryan. Congratulations Pauline!

Our gift guides are below, we had a lot of fun putting them together and couldn’t pick one, so we have included all three : )

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Hope you have time to relax and enjoy the countdown to Xmas.

Best wishes


Gift Guides:



We love putting together the Xmas Gift Guide and because we couldn’t limit ourselves to one, we have compiled three!  The three Guides are based on Elegance, Vibrance & Mono.  What I love about the Guides is that you can be a fan or collector of pieces from each, after all we are dynamic!  We feel confident you will find something special for yourself or the people you love.  I hope you can make yourself a cuppa, sit back and peruse our selections.Featured above is a peek at some of the classical lines and elegant pieces we have in store.  The work featured above is by Rebecca Overmann.  Rebecca uses organic shapes and textured finishes, different metals and highlights, occasionally with a sprinkling of diamonds. From L to R:  Full Moon Pendant, Celestial Pendant, Double Lily Pad Earrings, Dissolving Tear Drop Ring and Oxidised Spine Bangle, Spine Bangle and 14ct Gold Spine Bangle.

Shot of Vibrance


I love colour and it was hard to choose pieces to go into this showcase, I have included some pieces with semi precious stones by Robindira Unsworth and Katie Diamond, the noir patina finish, highlighted by a sparkling amethyst by Caroline Basset, the beauty of sustainable jewellery by Shauna Mayben and the joy of Japanese paper elegantly framed in perspex and sterling silver by Susan Fleming.From Lower L to R (clockwise): Casbah Ring by Robindira Unsworth, Eternal Pendant by Shauna Mayben, Crystal Quartz – Astrid Pendant by Katie Diamond, Sienna Sunset Ring Stack by Robindira Unsworth Priya Suri Tourmaline Pendant by Katie Diamond, Amethyst Image Earrings by Caroline Bassett, Soraya Tourmaline Ring by Katie Diamond, Spring Diamond Earrings by Susan Fleming.


There is something striking about strong contrasts, they are visually appealing and draw the eye.  We have assembled a window into some of the pieces we have in store, it may be the contrast of semi precious stones like labradorite or rutile quartz or the interplay between sterling silver and oxidised sterling silver.   What we love about these pieces is that they will go with anything in your wardrobe.From L to R (clockwise): Victoria Bangles Sterling Silver and Oxidised by Priya Himatsingka, Caviar Labradorite and Freshwater Pearl Ring by Louise Douglas, Caviar Pendant by Louise Douglas, Silver Haze Bangle with Rutile semi precious stone and Keshi Pearl by Mary Odorcic, Sparkler Pendant by Priya Himatsingka, Midnight Peacock Ring by Priya Himatsingka, Sparkler Earrings by Priya Himatsingka.

Store News – Wishlist *

We have been busy adding new pieces to the store, gorgeous hand crafted rings, necklaces, earrings and bangles.  Why not relax with your favourite refreshment and have a look around?

Many of our customers have been using the ‘wishlist’ function in the store, have you tried it?  It is very easy and means that you can send your wishlist to the special people in your life; to help them choose a present that you will love!

The winner of this month’s newsletter ‘subscribe and win’ is Belinda Edmunds.  Congratulations Belinda!  Please contact the store to claim your $50 gift certificate.

Image R: Joy Necklace by Priya Himatsingka, sterling silver and 18ct gold stamen centre, with oxidised sterling silver chain

New Rings by Shauna Mayben

We have some awesome new rings by Shauna Mayben, these rings are a part of her ‘Penny for Your Thoughts’ Collection.  Shauna uses 100% upcycled sterling silver, so you can enjoy wearing these stunning rings and feel good about it too!

Image Above: Swan Queen Ring, Image Below, Florabunda Ring, Flourish Ring

New in Store: Sustainable jewellery by Shauna Mayben

I love Shauna Mayben’s work, the ethos behind it, how she uses rescued images and brings them to life, with upcycled perspex and then as a shining highlight, she masterfully adds recycled sterling silver, the result – awesome jewellery that is sustainable, contemporary, unique and very appealing!

So I was very excited to get some new pieces into the store from the following Collections:

‘Money Makes the World Go Round’: Shauna plays with notions of money, value and beauty; using currency from around the world, upcycled perspex and recycled sterling silver.

‘He Whispered Sweet Nothings in Her Ear’: Shauna uses old romantic novels and images of flowers, cutting them and rearranging them to create a new perspective on the meaning of flowers.  Pictured above is the Eternal Pendant – it has two looks to the one piece, which means lots of versatility!

‘Penny For your Thoughts’: Shauna use imprints from currency to create delightful and eye catching earrings from recycled sterling silver.

Shauna says of her work: “The items I make are of high quality materials and manufacturing using traditional craftsman techniques insuring stability, durability and a long life of wear and tear.   Each piece therefore becomes an artistic, one of a kind collector’s item. My items also have an intellectual narrative telling a story…it’s not just a bauble to adorn.”

You can find out more about Shauna’s work and inspiration here.

Image Below: Money Makes the World Go Round: Flourish Earrings