Mother’s Day – thank you Mum!

We have many new items in store and we would love to help you find something special for your Mum.  To make sure you get your presents on time we will be upgrading our standard shipping to express shipping  – for free (Australia only). We are also offering free gift wrap and a gift card, our cut off date is Wednesday 8 May at 3pm (WST), to ensure you get your presents in time for Mother’s Day.

Just in case you don’t know what to get your Mum we are offering 10% of our Gift Certificates, this offer is available up until the 11 May; if you are running late we can email your Gift Certificate to your Mum!  Please contact the store to find out how you can redeem this offer.

Our newsletter will be delivered to your ‘inbox’ every quarter, but don’t worry we will be announcing our (randomly chosen) winners for each month for  the ‘newsletter subscribe and win’.  Congratulations to the following people on winning a $50 gift certificate to spend in store:
• January winner – Charlotte Fletcher
• February winner – Wendy Burnie
• March winner – Emma Thomason
• April winner – Hayley Stone
• May winner – Kirsten Wood
Please contact the store to claim your gift certificate.

My best wishes


Image R (top left clockwise):  Cross your heart ring and Wings earrings by Flick Pope, Oke Doke earrings by Flick Pope, Amethyst – Image earrings by Caroline Bassett, Sea Lace necklace by Louise Douglas and Carmen and Pearl necklace by Mary Odorcic.

New Rings by Shauna Mayben

We have some awesome new rings by Shauna Mayben, these rings are a part of her ‘Penny for Your Thoughts’ Collection.  Shauna uses 100% upcycled sterling silver, so you can enjoy wearing these stunning rings and feel good about it too!

Image Above: Swan Queen Ring, Image Below, Florabunda Ring, Flourish Ring

Vintage Glamour

I have always been a big fan of vintage jewellery and was delighted when I discovered Joli Jewelry. I first fell in love with brooches from the collection and now I am happy to tell you we have added some gorgeous necklaces and earrings to the store.

Jody Lyons, the creative force behind Joli Jewelry, epitomizes vintage chic and is a big advocate of reusing and upcycling materials.  Through her collection, Jody hopes to share her love and interest in original, old materials and the importance of reusing things like: vintage glass, original plastics (like celluloid and Bakelite), old metal findings, old French enamels and mother of pearl pieces.

The design process mixes real vintage and upcycled materials with different cultural motifs and new components, such as semi-precious gemstones.  This evolves into fabulous contemporary creations, with a nod to the awesome vintage styles of yesteryear; that are still highly desirable and continue to have timeless appeal.

Because of the limited availability of the unusual components, everything continues to be limited editions.

Jody designs everything in the line. The small production runs are then handmade by a group of wonderful women in her small studio in Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York.

Image Above L to R:  Jody Lyons, La Feuille Earrings, Sophia Necklace, Ingrid Necklace.

Image Below;   Grace Necklace

Southern – Winter Love


The southern winter is setting in for a cosy stay.  As we seek out warmth, it is only natural that our wardrobes take on darker hues and sumptuous fabrics to absorb the sunlight and insulate us against the cold.  This darker colour palette creates the perfect backdrop to add unique handcrafted jewellery that brightens and lightens your look.

Hence, winter inspires our latest Lobo Luxe photo shoot; we have assembled a few looks to highlight the exquisite pieces we have in store, showcasing some ideas for your winter wardrobe.

In the top image, our model Dani is wearing the Trinket Neckpiece and Oval Banglewith Charms by Amy Renshaw.  Amy’s work is subtle, yet striking.  She employs asymmetrical lines to add character and interest, infusing a touch of surprise with the use of vibrant colours.  All this is beautifully contrasted against the silky minimalism of sterling silver.  Amy is based in Victoria, Australia.

Dani is also wearing the ‘Bee Loved’ Ring by Melanie Lynn, Rings Eclectic.  Melanie has a gorgeous collection of handcrafted rings with some pieces having up to 5 different components, with each tiny crystal or pearl placed lovingly by hand. The base of the ring is acrylic, polished individually and then for a final touch, engraved with her signature on the inside.

In the image above (L), Dani is wearing the Large Hideaway Charm Necklace and Bangle by Susan Fleming, the look is tied together with the Kopernik Daisy Ring by Felicity Peters

We recently interviewed Susan Fleming for the Newsletter and her work is inspired by the love of handmade Japanese Papers, she creates, what are like handcrafted sterling silver frames to capture the beauty of these papers, it’s like wearing mini works of art.  For those who love stationery, especially Japanese Papers, it is a charming way to showcase your passion!   All of her work is covered by a waterproof resin overlay.  Susan is based in Wyoming, U.S.A.

Felicity Peters has two collections in store.  Her signature range includes, sterling silver, 24ct gold and semi-precious stones, while the funK Dimension range comprises of acrylic, wood fibre, cubic zirconia and sterling silver.

The Kopernik daisy theme was inspired by a stained glass window in a Church in Kopernik, in the suburb of Legnica, Poland; this body of work is sublime and certainly striking, there is a touch of whimsy and a strong feminine appeal, and there are rings, earrings, pendants, cuffs, bangles and brooches. 

 In the image above (R), Dani is wearing the Hypnotic Fob Pendant by Tank.  Amy Johnson and Jill Cribben are the creative designers, glass blowers and metalsmiths behind Tank, they create beautiful glass and sterling silver pieces that are funky and contemporary, creating stylish and unique works with the added bonus and lustre of glass.

Image aboe (L), Dani is wearing the Long Sea Necklace by Louise Douglas, and the Camelot Ring by Rings Eclectic

Louise Douglas was interviewed recently for the Newsletter and her work is strongly inspired by nature; softly formed pieces that echo organic shapes found in the forest or beach.  Her work is charmingly nostalgic, reminiscent of holidays, sun, sand and surf.   The Long Sea Necklace is a statement piece from her collection, large sterling silver elements, reflecting sea foam and found objects from the sea, highlighted with- vibrant red coral pieces – stunning!  Louise is based in Nelson, New Zealand.

In the image above (R), Dani is wearing Money Makes the World Go Round – George Pendant by Shauna Mayben

Shauna recently won an environmental award from the Tasmanian government for her commitment to using sustainable practices in the production of her pieces.  She uses 100% recycled sterling silver, upcycled perspex and reclaimed photographs. 

In the Money Makes the World Go Round Series – Shauna explores the impact of money on our lives, and all the pieces in this series showcase currency, taking it from the transactional to highly desirable, wearable objects of beauty.  Earrings and Pendants provide two views into currency pieces.  The pendants are delightfully framed in handcrafted sterling silver, perspex and her signature makers mark tag on the clasp. 

Shauna work has a timeless feel to it and a strong feminine aesthetic, striking and beautifully made. She has others works in sthe store including the vintage photograph series , he whispered sweet nothing in her ears earrings, awesome custom made lockets that have incredible detail, and a custom made ring which you can personalise by providing your own image.  You can find out more about Shauna by reading the interview we did with her for our Newsletter.

Top 10 Picks for Mothers Day

My ideal Mothers Day is having breakfast in bed, followed by opening a handmade card by my little boy.  I love the enjoyment he gets with giving presents, although he much prefers to receive them!

Mothers Day is a lovely time to do something special with your Mum, and for my Mum it is having all of her kids and grandkids descending on the family home for a boisterous lunch.  I am yet to decide which Lobo Luxe treasure to give her, perhaps I should take the cue from my top ten!

There are lots of lovely pieces in store for your Mum, to send hints to your partner or children, or to buy for yourself.

I have put together my  top 10 of suggestions for Mother’s Day – hope you like my shortlist!  It was really hard to choose, but I have tried to put together a range that is classical, funky, vibrant, feminine and fun, a bit like our Mum’s, a bit like me!

By the way, I have also sent the top 10 ( via a wishlist through the store), to my husband, I wonder which piece I might get…

Happy Mothers Day!

My best wishes


Top Image clockwise from lower left: Wave Bangle by Felicity Peters, Leaf Lariat by Louise Douglas, Grace Leaf Necklace with Charm by Amy Renshaw, Queen of Hearts Rings by Flick Pope, Image Earrings with Red Sapphires by Caroline Bassett

Image Below: clockwise from lower left: Folded Form Earrings by Susan Frisch, Circle Inlay Pendant – Forever by Gillian Hillerud. Money Makes the World Go Round Heart by Shauna Mayben, Silver Haze Bangle and Silver Haze Bangle with Charms by Mary Ordorcic, Full Moon Ring with Diamonds by Rebecca Overmann


Lobo Luxe Goes Live!

If you’re looking for a piece of unique jewellery, something you won’t find in your usual haunts or being worn by at least  two other women you pass on the street or at your next major event or birthday party,  then you have come to the right place!

I understand, that your time is already stretched, or perhaps you live too far away to scour boutiques for quirky and eclectic jewellers, designers and artists.

The good news, I have done the hard work for you!

I have sourced many unique pieces from across the globe – necklaces, earrings, rings, bangles and brooches. There are even cuff links for the man in your life.

The collection encompasses gold, silver, diamonds and semi-precious stones, as well as funky resin and acrylic pieces.

From Australia I am proud to represent whimsical and romantic pieces from by Flick Pope of the Mornington Peninsula and embellished vibrant necklaces and bangles by Amy Renshaw of Melbourne. If you appreciate the cool pairing of  glass and sterling silver, you must venture to the delightful necklaces and earrings by Susan Frisch of Victoria.  From Sydney we boast a stylish and feminine range of pearls and resin pieces by Mary Odorcic while Perth’s Felicity Peters has a sublime collection of earrings, necklaces, bangles, brooches and rings.

Not to be outdone, artists from across the Tasman offer bewitching designs, from handmade necklaces and detailed patina pieces by Caroline Bassett of the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand, to richly detailed earrings, rings and necklaces from Louise Douglas of Nelson.

You will also find work from the U.S, from quirky offerings by Joli Jewelery from Brooklyn New York, the stylish minimalism embraced by Rebecca Overmann of San Francisco and  exotic pieces by Susan Fleming from Wyoming.  The diverse landscape of California sparks an inspiration all its own – among the finest, rich and vibrant designs by Robindira Unsworth and gorgeous adornments from Rings Eclectic, and Elyssa Bass of Georgia introduces an echo of old world luxury and charm in the shape of bangles with semi-precious stones.

North of the U.S,  I have handpicked a range from Canadian artists. It includes celestial inspired pieces by Jessie Turner from Vancouver, glass and silver, funky and vibrant pieces by Tank in Toronto and minimalistic to rich in detail works from Gillian Hillerud of Calgary.

Rounding up this stellar group of jewellers and metal-smiths is a talented delegation from the U.K.  Take a look at the whimsical and nostalgic postal and postcard range from Scotland’s Claire Hillerby and the organic leaf forms featured in necklaces and earrings by Tracy de Chevron Villette, and you can’t go passed the vibrant, quirky winged brooches by Melanie Tomlinson a veritable hot house/atrium full of butterflies, tiger moths, birds and flowers.

So… take a few minutes with your favourite brew to enjoy browsing our treasures. Allow us to help locate a special treat for yourself or a loved one.

I look forward to helping you locate a special piece that you can make your own which will accentuate whatever you are wearing.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on any aspect of our products or our web presence.  Please feel free to get in touch – you can reach me via the Contact page .

I hope this will be your first of many visits at Lobo Luxe.