Vintage Glamour

I have always been a big fan of vintage jewellery and was delighted when I discovered Joli Jewelry. I first fell in love with brooches from the collection and now I am happy to tell you we have added some gorgeous necklaces and earrings to the store.

Jody Lyons, the creative force behind Joli Jewelry, epitomizes vintage chic and is a big advocate of reusing and upcycling materials.  Through her collection, Jody hopes to share her love and interest in original, old materials and the importance of reusing things like: vintage glass, original plastics (like celluloid and Bakelite), old metal findings, old French enamels and mother of pearl pieces.

The design process mixes real vintage and upcycled materials with different cultural motifs and new components, such as semi-precious gemstones.  This evolves into fabulous contemporary creations, with a nod to the awesome vintage styles of yesteryear; that are still highly desirable and continue to have timeless appeal.

Because of the limited availability of the unusual components, everything continues to be limited editions.

Jody designs everything in the line. The small production runs are then handmade by a group of wonderful women in her small studio in Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York.

Image Above L to R:  Jody Lyons, La Feuille Earrings, Sophia Necklace, Ingrid Necklace.

Image Below;   Grace Necklace

Winter Love: inject colour into your winter wardrobe


I have been a big fan of brooches for many years and it was a joy to put together a collection of handcrafted brooches for Lobo Luxe. 

 In stock we have a great selection with splashes of colour, lots of whimsy and beautiful detail. 

There are delightful upcycled pieces by Joli Jewelery from New Jersey, USA  The brooches in this collection are put together by Jody Lyons, she hand picks vintage pieces, deconstructs them and creates new pieces that are nostalgic, elegant and vibrant.   Each brooch comes with its own tag, identifying the era of the piece and the material used.

From the US we travel to Birmingham, in the United Kingdom, for the beautiful hand painted, bird, moth and butterfly brooches by Melanie Tomlinson.  Her work is like wearable watercolours, a touch of lightness, they are unique and funky.  What you can’t see is Melanie’s name strikingly stamped across reverse of each of her pieces.

If we move further north to Scotland we have the fun and nostalgic ‘Viewfinder‘ Brooch by Clare Hillerby.  The ‘Viewfinder’ Brooch contains a map from yesteryear, framed in oxidised sterling silver and covered with perspex.  Who needs a GPS?

Travelling back to the Southern Hemisphere and to Wellington, New Zealand, Caroline Basset’s ‘Bellus Psyche Brooch’, has two of my favourite combinations – red and patina.  This brooch will liven up any lapel, hat or scarf.

Felicity Peters, from my hometown of Perth, has a number of special order brooches including the whimsical ‘House’ series,  the ‘Landscape Brooch’ which is like an aerial view of the Australian Outback, the ‘Kopernik Daisy Brooch’, inspired by a daisy motif that Felicity found in her cultural exchange to Legnica in Poland, and the ‘Use it or Lose it’ Series of brooches which are not only vibrant and feminine, they can also be worn as a pendant.  

Rounding up this list is the gorgeous Flowering Gum Brooch by Susan Frisch from Victoria, Australia.  This brooch is a special order, it reflects the essence of the Australian Bush and it has a sumptuous appearance; the stunning contrast of the red or black soda lime glass against the detailed sterling silver cup.

So as you put on your winter clothes, in dark, warming shades of colour why not add some vibrance and interest to your coat, dress, wrap or beanie with one of these delightful pieces.   You will  stand out!

Images of brooches from Top Left:  Bellus Psyche Brooch by Caroline Bassett, Yellow Brick Road Brooch by Melanie Tomlinson and Red Comet by Joli Jewelery.



Thank You

Thank you to everyone for their positive feedback on the store, I am glad you like it!  Lots of comments have been made about the uniqueness and vibrancy of the jewellery, and the site design.  I would like to acknowledge the great effort of my web designers Clever Starfish, thank you very much.