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Find Something Special for Your Mum :

To my way of thinking, a day that is designated to celebrate Mothers – has to be special.  With the busy lives we lead, we don’t need to live far from our parents to sometimes feel disconnected from them.   Mother’s Day pushes families together in a gentle way, it gives us the opportunity to reflect on the special bond we have with our Mum’s and the nurturing and support they have given us over the years.  Mother’s Day for me is a bit of a logistical challenge, there is breakfast for me, made by my son,  lunch at my Mum’s and then my Mother-in-Law’s – phew it is a bit of a marathon but well worth it.

At Lobo Luxe we would like to offer all our wonderful customers a 30% off sale ( storewide for all ‘in stock’ items*).

 I hope you find something special for your Mum or a reward/treat for yourself.  The sale ends on the 6th May, so please be quick!. All you have to do is input the coupon code ‘thirtylove’ as you proceed through the payment process.  We also have free gift wrap and an upgrade to Express Shipping for all Australian orders – just to make sure you get your presents wrapped and on time!

We have just increased our subscribe and win newsletter offer to $75 per winner, per month…hope you have subscribed!  All you have to do is input your name and email address, you will find the newsletter subscribe box on the homepage, left hand column, just scroll down.  The Subscribe and Win $75 gift certificate can be used store wide but only on ‘in-stock’ items, special orders or custom orders are not included in this offer.

The lucky winners for January to May 2014:  Sally Stowers, Deborah Vanderwert, Steph Proios, Tracey Lee & Rebecca Tompkinson.  Congratulations please contact the store to claim your $75 gift certificate.

*This offer finishes on the 6 May, custom or special orders are not included in this offer and there are no returns on sales items.  Please note this offer cannot be used with any other store offer.

Items L to R – clockwise:  Candy Drop Earrings by Mary Odorcic, Full Moon with Diamonds by Rebecca Overmann, Silver Haze Bangle with coral and pearl by Mary Odorcic, Postcard from the Heart Ring by Flick Pope, Love Pendant by Yasuko Azuma, Gold Peackock Stud Earrings by Priya Himatsingka

Love Stories

St Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, and I have to say I do enjoy the romance associated with this day.  I do recall receiving a few Valentine’s Day Cards myself, many moons ago!

What’s wrong with celebrating love?  I  love hearing about how couples met, their ‘back story’ if you will, that’s why I really enjoyed the movie “When Harry Met Sally”; the little moments where couples – old and young share their first date and how they knew they had met the ‘one’.

St Valentine’s Day is a busy time in the store with many a romantic partner purchasing a heart shaped piece of jewellery; It’s an absolute treat when my customers share their stories about love and the inspiration behind their gifts.

The heart symbol has universal appeal, the jewellery pieces with this symbol have a strong following not only with lovers, but with family and friends too.

For example, recently a Mother bought her daughter a You and Me Bangle – by Flick Pope, as a symbol of her beating cancer and her daughter’s unwavering love and support during this stressful and challenging time.

Another customer purchased for herself the Heart of Gold Necklace – by Jessie Turner, because for her, this necklace epitomized her triumph over adversity, overcaming emotional pain and heartache; she did indeed have a giving heart of gold, the necklace became a talisman of hope, strength and triumph.  The greatest love of all, loving your self and being at peace.

Another sweet story was a young man, who enlisted his Mother’s help to purchase a gold heart pendant by Yasuko Azuma, for his sweetheart.  His Mother obligingly made the purchase on his behalf, he was under 18, and she did tell me that she was expecting to be reimbursed – pronto!  Apparently her son’s girlfriend was a gem and the Mother was delighted to help her son who had saved up for this special present.

I feel very privileged to hear the love stories from our customers, and as I always say, there never can be too much love, joy or peace in the world, Happy St Valentine’s Day!

Christmas Catalog

It is always a delight to highlight some beautiful, striking and unique pieces for the Christmas Catalog. With so many appealing pieces it is hard to choose; so many worthy contenders — we will be definitely putting together a few more catalogs!

We hope you enjoy this hand picked selection, please click the image to find out more, enjoy!

And now we are 3!

Three years have flown by! It’s been a wonderful journey, hand selecting unique pieces from around the globe for their new homes with you in Australia, NZ,  the US and Europe.

I’d like to thank you for supporting our independent store as we’ve grown and expanded our showcase. We love what we do here, and an important part of that is providing a personalised shopping experience for you.

One of our favourite things to do is keep up to date with new designs. We’ve added gorgeous bangles, elegant earrings and statement rings by talented designers by  Louise Douglas, Joli Jewelry, & Mary Odorcic.

Our random, lucky subscribe and win newsletter winners for June to October are:
• Sasha Rayner
• Megan Norbury
• Helen Humes
• Leonie Ravell
• Bronwyn Bowcock

Congratulations and please contact the store to claim your $50 gift certificate.

Stay tuned—we’re excited to be unveiling two new designers shortly! And you can always catch up on the latest news via our  facebook page

As always, we welcome  your comments and feedback.

Best wishes


Image R:  New bangles, earrings by Louise Douglas

Expect lots of lovely new pieces over the coming weeks. Please stop by with your favourite brew and enjoy a leisurely browse.

Items above L to R: Aria Necklace, Mah Jong Earrings, Silver Haze Charm Bangle, Aria Earrings.

Three years have flown by! It’s been a wonderful journey, hand selecting unique pieces from around the globe for their new homes with you in Australia, NZ,  the US and Europe.

I’d like to thank you for supporting our independent store as we’ve grown and expanded our showcase. We love what we do here, and an important part of that is providing a personalised shopping experience for you.

One of our favourite things to do is keep up to date with new designs. We’ve added gorgeous bangles, elegant earrings and statement rings by talented designers by


At Lobo Luxe we love selecting unique bangles, recently we had some new work in by Mary Odorcic.  We love these bangles, they add movement, vibrance and tinkle to your arm.  The bangles in this range are made of sterling silver and highlighted with semi precious stones, freshwater pearls and Mary’s signature O charm.  Just click on the images and you will be taken to the details on these stunning bangles!

New in Store

We have so many new things in store from gorgeous sterling silver bangles with charms, to delightful earrings and stunning rings.

Remember if you don’t know what to buy for that special person in your life a gift certificate is a great option – we can email it for speedy delivery or snail mail it.

If you don’t know your ring size, we also have free ring sizers – so please contact us with your address and we would be happy to send you one.

Southern – Winter Love


The southern winter is setting in for a cosy stay.  As we seek out warmth, it is only natural that our wardrobes take on darker hues and sumptuous fabrics to absorb the sunlight and insulate us against the cold.  This darker colour palette creates the perfect backdrop to add unique handcrafted jewellery that brightens and lightens your look.

Hence, winter inspires our latest Lobo Luxe photo shoot; we have assembled a few looks to highlight the exquisite pieces we have in store, showcasing some ideas for your winter wardrobe.

In the top image, our model Dani is wearing the Trinket Neckpiece and Oval Banglewith Charms by Amy Renshaw.  Amy’s work is subtle, yet striking.  She employs asymmetrical lines to add character and interest, infusing a touch of surprise with the use of vibrant colours.  All this is beautifully contrasted against the silky minimalism of sterling silver.  Amy is based in Victoria, Australia.

Dani is also wearing the ‘Bee Loved’ Ring by Melanie Lynn, Rings Eclectic.  Melanie has a gorgeous collection of handcrafted rings with some pieces having up to 5 different components, with each tiny crystal or pearl placed lovingly by hand. The base of the ring is acrylic, polished individually and then for a final touch, engraved with her signature on the inside.

In the image above (L), Dani is wearing the Large Hideaway Charm Necklace and Bangle by Susan Fleming, the look is tied together with the Kopernik Daisy Ring by Felicity Peters

We recently interviewed Susan Fleming for the Newsletter and her work is inspired by the love of handmade Japanese Papers, she creates, what are like handcrafted sterling silver frames to capture the beauty of these papers, it’s like wearing mini works of art.  For those who love stationery, especially Japanese Papers, it is a charming way to showcase your passion!   All of her work is covered by a waterproof resin overlay.  Susan is based in Wyoming, U.S.A.

Felicity Peters has two collections in store.  Her signature range includes, sterling silver, 24ct gold and semi-precious stones, while the funK Dimension range comprises of acrylic, wood fibre, cubic zirconia and sterling silver.

The Kopernik daisy theme was inspired by a stained glass window in a Church in Kopernik, in the suburb of Legnica, Poland; this body of work is sublime and certainly striking, there is a touch of whimsy and a strong feminine appeal, and there are rings, earrings, pendants, cuffs, bangles and brooches. 

 In the image above (R), Dani is wearing the Hypnotic Fob Pendant by Tank.  Amy Johnson and Jill Cribben are the creative designers, glass blowers and metalsmiths behind Tank, they create beautiful glass and sterling silver pieces that are funky and contemporary, creating stylish and unique works with the added bonus and lustre of glass.

Image aboe (L), Dani is wearing the Long Sea Necklace by Louise Douglas, and the Camelot Ring by Rings Eclectic

Louise Douglas was interviewed recently for the Newsletter and her work is strongly inspired by nature; softly formed pieces that echo organic shapes found in the forest or beach.  Her work is charmingly nostalgic, reminiscent of holidays, sun, sand and surf.   The Long Sea Necklace is a statement piece from her collection, large sterling silver elements, reflecting sea foam and found objects from the sea, highlighted with- vibrant red coral pieces – stunning!  Louise is based in Nelson, New Zealand.

In the image above (R), Dani is wearing Money Makes the World Go Round – George Pendant by Shauna Mayben

Shauna recently won an environmental award from the Tasmanian government for her commitment to using sustainable practices in the production of her pieces.  She uses 100% recycled sterling silver, upcycled perspex and reclaimed photographs. 

In the Money Makes the World Go Round Series – Shauna explores the impact of money on our lives, and all the pieces in this series showcase currency, taking it from the transactional to highly desirable, wearable objects of beauty.  Earrings and Pendants provide two views into currency pieces.  The pendants are delightfully framed in handcrafted sterling silver, perspex and her signature makers mark tag on the clasp. 

Shauna work has a timeless feel to it and a strong feminine aesthetic, striking and beautifully made. She has others works in sthe store including the vintage photograph series , he whispered sweet nothing in her ears earrings, awesome custom made lockets that have incredible detail, and a custom made ring which you can personalise by providing your own image.  You can find out more about Shauna by reading the interview we did with her for our Newsletter.

From our newsletter: Interview with Susan Fleming

Wearable Treasures

I have always been a big devotee of Japanese papers, especially the hand silk screened variety – Chiyogami; I believe each piece is a work of art – good enough to frame!  So when I discovered Susan Fleming’s collection I was thrilled to see these beautifully made papers framed in sterling silver and ready to wear.   Susan has a talent for designing and creating complimentary, gentle, organic shapes that capture the Chiyogami papers and transform them into wearable art.

There is a strong whimsical and almost zen like quality to Susan’s work, which captures your attention and draws you into her pieces.  Susan’s work has been very popular at Lobo Luxe and it was great to catch up with her in New York and stock up on some new pieces in her collection.

Susan tells us about her inspiration for her collection:

LL: What led you to jewellery design?
Susan : My initial interest in jewellery making came via an interest in rocks and geology. I kept a rock collection from the age of six which later translated into a love of semiprecious stones and jewellery. My interest continued as I got older and was fueled by some jewellery making courses offered at the high school level. I took all the courses that my school had to offer and finished my senior year with further independent study. After studying political and environmental science in college, I returned to jewellery making the summer following graduation. I apprenticed with Sam Shaw on the Maine coast and it was there that I really honed my skills and began to establish my own body of work. I stayed on with him for seven years and then moved to the Rocky Mountain West area  in 2000, and have maintained a jewellery studio ever since.

LL: What inspires/influences you?
Susan: Many, many things: living in the mountains, the vast sky, architecture, simple lines, paper, texture, shadows, Ray and Charles Eames, crafty friends, conversations, things old and new, and more.

LL: How would you describe your collection?
Modern, organic and colourful. I set hand silk screened paper in sterling silver settings and protect them with a thin waterproof layer of resin. the paper patterns are based on prints that date back to the Edo period but they still have a wide ranging appeal today giving them a classic as well as modern quality.

LL: How do you plan your collection?
Most often it is the patterns in the paper that drive the design of a piece. Whether it is the scale of a floral pattern or the repetition in a geometric print, it dictates or speaks to a specific shape. For example, I recently acquired a new paper with a large sunflower type print and created a bezel to perfectly frame a specific flower from the paper.

LL: Do you share your work space? How would you describe it?
I share a workspace with my amazing assistant, although we each have separate work benches. I think I work better in an organised and tidy environment although you would not gather that from looking at my desk. I usually work on multiple projects at once and so my desk often appears to be in a chaotic state, but there is an organisation to it even if only apparent to me.

LL: What are your passions outside jewellery?
Spending time with my husband Doug, daughter Finna, golden retriever Pema, family and friends, playing in the mountains, especially hiking and skiing, traveling(wherever), baking, eating yummy food and designing interior spaces.

LL: what tips would you give on how to wear jewellery?
Wear it often!

Thank You

Thank you to everyone for their positive feedback on the store, I am glad you like it!  Lots of comments have been made about the uniqueness and vibrancy of the jewellery, and the site design.  I would like to acknowledge the great effort of my web designers Clever Starfish, thank you very much.

JMGA Exhibitions

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13 April 2010

The Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Australia (JMGA) Conference, was in Perth this month and it was a tremendous opportunity to see works from a wide range of contemporary jewellers.

Jewellers and Metalsmiths from all over Australia have attended the Conference and it appears many have participated in the plethora of exhibitions around Perth, the diversity of work has been a visual feast for the eyes!

With more than 4 gallery exhibitions (at my count alone), this is a great opportunity for West Australians to build their jewellery wardrobe from such a mega range of unique and high quality work.

I was fortunate to meet several contemporary jewellers that I am hoping to stock in LoboLuxe, so stay tuned…