Charmaine’s passion for elegant design springs from a combination of wander-lust and genetics. Anglo-Indian by birth, her last name Lobo means ‘wolf’ in Portuguese, and it reflects the rich cultural heritage of her father’s family, who originated from Goa (ex – Portuguese Colony).   Her love for colour and style in jewellery reflects the beauty and mystery of her South Asian heritage, while encompassing the cultures and traditions of her travels and the place she calls home, Australia.

Charmaine’s mother inspired her love of aesthetics at an early age, with a modest budget, she would dress to go to a social gathering, in sumptuous silk saris, gold and semi-precious jewels, a different set of jewellery assembled together for each sari.  Not to mention matching shoes and handbag…

This instilled in Charmaine a deep appreciation of how jewellery can enhance an outfit lifting it from ordinary to the extraordinary.  Over years of collecting hand crafted jewels from her travels and to mark special moments in her life, Charmaine has developed a keen eye for detail and a love of contemporary jewellery.

Lobo Luxe is the culmination of Charmaine’s passion for contemporary jewellery, based in Australia the store showcases designers from Australia and around the world. The handmade jewellery pieces in Lobo Luxe are perfect mementos to celebrate that anniversary, or promotion…or simply as a little indulgence.

Allow us to help you add a little sparkle to your day, inject some freshness into your wardrobe, or help you locate the perfect gift for a special person in your life.

We invite you to peruse at your leisure, and we welcome your feedback.