Rings Eclectic

Melanie Lynn has been an artist all her life. Creating works in all different kinds of mediums throughout her career has enabled her to take that experience and create a distinct style of design for her jewelry. Before starting Rings Eclectic, Melanie worked as a graphic designer for many years and had two successful solo shows as a painter.

Jewelry design has now become her passion. Melanie is proud to say that these rings are made in the USA and require many different stages of production. The top metals are made of different plated brass findings. Some of the center stones used are Moonstone, Mother of Pearl, Turquoise and glass stones as well as beautifully designed buttons.

Some pieces have up to 5 different components on top with each tiny crystal or pearl placed in by hand. The base of the ring is made of acrylic which Melanie spent many months designing. They are polished by hand and then for the final touch, engraved with her signature on the inside.

Melanie lives and works in Northern California, U.S.A.