Summer Glow Brooch

Summer Glow Brooch

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Have you ever tried to catch a tropical butterfly? Here is your very own, black, yellow and with bursts of orange, it will lift you to your summer place, warm days and holidays.

Made of hand printed tinned steel.

Measures approx 9cm across wing tip, and 6.5cm in length.

Handcrafted by Melanie Tomlinson, United Kingdom.


Melanie Tomlinson

My brooches are inspired by my passion for nature. I have a particular interest in butterflies and moths and their representation in folklore. Motifs of these insects appear in Romanian lace patterns which I also draw inspiration from, having been there many times with my Romanian husband.

I begin by painting intricate designs in my sketch book using gouache and a fine brush. I then individually hand print my designs onto sheet tinned steel and then cut, fold, press and sew the various layers together. When finished the metal gleams through the surface decoration adding visual depth to each piece.

Melanie trained in illustration at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design. She works from her studio at home in Birmingham and also as an artist in the community. Melanie has several of her pieces of automata in collections in the U.K. and abroad and a recent large-scale piece is on permanent display in Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.