Golden Long Branch Earrings

Golden Long Branch Earrings Golden Long Branch Earrings Golden Long Branch Earrings
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These 22ct gold vermeil, long drop earrings have a touch of elegance and drama. Pearls hug the top third of the earrings and are gently wrapped with gold filled wires.

In the picture near left you can see beautiful bride Clair, who purchased these earrings as something 'new' for her trosseau, they added a lovely highlight to her face and gown.

Earring measures approx 6.5 cm (from the top of the ear wire).

****You can special order these earrings just allow 10-12 days.

At Lobo Luxe we feel strongly about providing earrings that have not been worn by anyone else, so even our models don't wear them! You will see the model holding the earring against her ear on a perspex holder, this should give you a feel for the design and shape and how it will look when you make them your own : )

Handcrafted by Louise Douglas, New Zealand.

Louise Douglas

Louise's organic aesthetic is borne from her upbringing in nature's surroundings. Her designs express memories of a childhood spent exploring the native forest and rugged seaside.

Louise relishes in the process of bringing small objects into the world and sending them out to evoke curiosity and beauty.

Starting her first jewellery company at age 18, Louise sold work to design stores in her home country of New Zealand. She then went on to design collections in the United States at large fashion jewellery houses in New York City. Her work has been sold to high-end department stores and exclusive boutiques throughout Japan, the US, NZ and now Australia.

Louise carefully carves each of her original detailed designs in wax. These delicate models are then cast into silver or bronze, and finished with an array of high-quality freshwater pearls and semiprecious gemstones. The silver is oxidized for an antique finish, while the bronze is dipped in 22k satin gold. Chains, clasps, and ear-wires are sterling silver or 14k gold-filled.

Louise takes pride in the high quality of her components and the hand finishing of all her pieces. Now settled back in New Zealand, Louise creates her collection under her own label in the vibrant and beautiful city of Nelson.

"Your jewellery should not only make you feel beautiful - it should connect to the beauty surrounding you".