Aqua Rose Earrings

Aqua Rose Earrings Aqua Rose Earrings
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Gorgeous aquamarine gems are snuggled in a petal shaped gold vermeil beds, a delightful combination for your ears by Katie Diamond, New York, U.S.A.

Aquamarine is the birthstone of March and the horoscope sign of Pisces, some believe that this gemstone promotes, health, healing and hope; we could all benefit with some of these vibes!

Materials: 18carat gold vermeil and aquamarine.

This design is also called 'Ruby Rose'.

Measures: approx 2.5cm from top of ear wire, gemstone approx 1 cm in diameter.

At Lobo Luxe we feel strongly about providing earrings that have not been worn by anyone else, so even our models don't wear them! You will see the model holding the earring against her ear on a perspex holder, it should give you a feel for the design and shape and how it will look when you make them your own : )


Katie Diamond

Katie's journey in the jewelry business began while studying goldsmithing under Cecilia Bauer. Motivated by her new found knowledge, Katie began experimenting with her own designs under the supervision of her mentor, Shimon Hirsch.

What began as custom engagement rings and a few special pieces designed for her friends and family quickly grew into an entire collection.

Inspired by travel, architecture and textiles, Katie's jewelry has a worldly feel reminiscent of Morocco. The pieces are cast in 18 carat gold vermeil and accented with semi precious gemstones. The juxtaposition of old and new styles with Eastern and Western influences is her distinctive signature.

Certainly an intimate collection, most of the stones used in her collection are handpicked by her husband on his frequent travels to India and Hong Kong. Handmade in her workshop just outside of New York City, every piece is a reflection of her personal style, a blend of bohemian and luxe.


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