Heart of Gold Necklace

Heart of Gold Necklace Heart of Gold Necklace
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This sterling silver and 23ct gold leaf necklace and oxidised s/s chain, by Jessie Turner, has a warm and inviting glow, hopefully it will promote positive energy in your life.

Jessie says of the Open Hearts Collection: these pieces are intended to be worn for oneself or for another, sharing with everyone who see sit, the reminder of love and openness, light, and compassion for each individual and the world. The coarse texture on one side of the heart represents all the experience, and scars of our hearts, yet we continue to keep space inside. The hearts have depth and shape elements representing all our experience and diversity, while striving for peace and unity.

Measures approx: chain 41cm, pendant 1.5 x 1.6 cm.

Handcrafted in Canada.

Jessie Turner

Jessie Turner has been a jewellery designer since 1998, specialising in natural and contemporary forms in silver and gold.

Jessie's collections are inspired by natural beauty around us, and by the ways we express our own beauty. Originally from British Columbia's West Coast Jessie now resides in Vancouver, Canada where she works and continues her study of art and design:

"I create jewellery and art, encouraging people's individuality and connection to truth, nature and beauty".