Oke Doke

Oke Doke Oke Doke Oke Doke
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Oke Doke, a voluptuous white/pinky/oyster colour lustre, oval pearl sandwiched in two sterling silver hearts, by the Queen of Hearts Flick Pope - got you feeling good already?

Materials: freshwater pearls and sterling silver

Measures approx: 2.3cm from top of ear wire to bottom of earring.

At Lobo Luxe we feel strongly about providing earrings that have not been worn by anyone else, so even our models don't wear them! You will see the model holding the earring against her ear on a holder, it should give you a feel for the design and shape and how it will look when you make them your own : )

Flick Pope

Flick Pope has been making unique handcrafted pieces for 20-plus years.

Humour and love are closely related within Flick's work. Her sense of fun and adventure is evident in her unique pieces, as well as the names she gives them: 'Doodad bangle', 'Eat me' earrings are just a few examples.

Flick lives and works on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula.

If you would like to find out more about Flick please see the Lobo Luxe Blog - we did an interview with Flick in Feb 2011.


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