Heart in Hand Bangle

Heart in Hand Bangle Heart in Hand Bangle Heart in Hand Bangle
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This voluptious and chunky sterling silver bangle has been lovingly handcrafted by Flick Pope.  This bangle has a brass hand with a silver heart and silver rings that loop round the bangle, a lovely tinkling assortment for your arm. 

The heart in the hand, is also symbolic of the 'hamsa' charm which in the Middle East is used to ward off bad luck - but the way I see it, the heart in the hand is to attract love, light and good fortune.   Why not try it and see?

The bangles we have in stock are an average size, approx 66-67mm in diameter and will fit most hands comfortably.

Handcrafted by Flick Pope, Victoria, Australia. You can read an interview we did with Flick on the Lobo Luxe Blog

Flick Pope

Flick Pope has been making unique handcrafted pieces for 20-plus years.

Humour and love are closely related within Flick's work. Her sense of fun and adventure is evident in her unique pieces, as well as the names she gives them: 'Doodad bangle', 'Eat me' earrings are just a few examples.

Flick lives and works on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula.

If you would like to find out more about Flick please see the Lobo Luxe Blog - we did an interview with Flick in Feb 2011.