Brazilets are 200 year-old fashion accessories from the mystical Bahia, Brazil that have recently launched for the first time in the US and now in Australia.

The bracelets are available in 14 vibrant colors: Mango, Sunflower, Turquoise, Iris, Chocolate, Flamingo, Ocean, Leaf, Lime, White Black, Light Pink, Ruby, and Brazil's native colors of Yellow with Green text.

These bracelets are worn fashionably throughout Latin America yet retain spiritual significance as they help grant wishes to all who wear them. Brazilets are worn by wrapping around the wrist and tying three knots for three wishes. When the material wears down and the bracelets fall off naturally, it is believed that the three wishes will come true.

Brazilets are committed to giving back to Brazil by helping to preserve and restore Brazilian rainforests. Brazilets dedicates a portion of the proceeds to this cause partnered with, a Nature Conservancy project that will plant a billion trees in the Atlantic forest of the Brazilian rainforest.