Kopernik Pendant

Kopernik Pendant Kopernik Pendant Kopernik Pendant
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This statement pendant by Felicity Peters, made of sterling silver and 24ct gold will add elegance and lift to any outfit.   This pendant is part of a range that has been inspired by a visit to Poland. The daisy motif is inspired by a church in the suburb of Kopernik in Legnica Poland.

Measures approx: pendant 5.5 x 4cm, collar (powder coated steel gold colour) 46cm.

Felicity uses the Korean technique of Keum Boo to fuse pure gold sheet to sterling or fine silver sheet. This method is not plating and pure gold won't fade or come off.

Handcrafted in Perth, Western Australia.

Felicity Peters

I feel very fortunate to have a job that I love doing... but then I don't look on it as a job!

This sounds pretty simplistic but the opportunity to respond to the landscape, political situations, personal philosophies, architecture and travel through a medium of metal is always challenging. The process stretches my intuition, knowledge and skills. Of course there are times when it is madly annoying.

The joy of taking a sheet of metal and raising it by hand, slowly hammering, rotating the metal and transforming it to a beautiful handmade object, is immensely satisfying. Exploring new ideas, researching and developing new skills, experimenting... ending up with a new form is exhilarating. Learning new processes, buying new tools, stretching ideas beyond one's comfort zone is challenging and rewarding. The knowledge that there is never enough time in the day to respond to ideas, influences and new materials is frustrating.

David Watkins in his book Design SourceBook - Jewellery (New Holland Press 1999) says of my work: 'The sense of mystery is compounded by the care lavished on these objects, and by their relative simplicity, resonating as they do with myth, prayer and ritual'

I hope that this same sense of empathy with the metal and past traditions is evident here in these illustrated objects...

A connection to the past and hope for the future.

Felicity is based in Perth, Western Australia.


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