Bellus Psyche Brooch

Bellus Psyche Brooch Bellus Psyche Brooch Bellus Psyche Brooch
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This sublime fire engine red brooch by Caroline Bassett is made of sterling silver, steel red paint. A vibrant and enchanting piece to add to any ensemble.

Measures 6cm x 8 cm.

Handcrafted in New Zealand.

Caroline Bassett

Jewellery is always a fervent character in my life, and is seen is an extension of the body and mind. My specialty is fabrication and surface manipulation. The enjoyment of the problematic is a strong aspect of my jewellery construction and practice. I love to solve.

Most work is created in enjoyment for memory, thought and visual hedonism. It is these three things that govern my works using photography and illustration as the vehicle to enliven the audience and hopefully awaken a special connection. My style has been called hard-edged, political and at best anthropological.

I live, work and play in Wellington, New Zealand, graduating from Whitireia Polytechnic in 2004 and practicing my craft ever since.