Corfu Necklace

Corfu Necklace Corfu Necklace
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Bringing the idyllic sun, sea and surf feeling is this funky boho necklace by Robindira Unsworth. A chyrsoprase gemstone is combined with a faceted quartz charm and Robindira's signature Byzantine starburst. All three elements are beautifully connected together by leather.

Materials: chyrsoprase & quartz gemstones, with 22k gold vermeil and oxidized sterling silver embellishments and leather.

Measures approx: leather necklace 65cm.

Handcrafted in the U.S.

Robindira Unsworth

The Robindira Unsworth collection combines the essence of exotic cultures with a modern design sensibility to create a look and feel that is not only luxurious--but distinctive and timeless. A fusion of Robindira's Northern California aesthetic combined with her appreciation for the exotic cultures of the Middle East, Asia and North Africa, each piece is thought of as a precious gift with purpose; to adorn and inspire the wearer to feel their best and to live well.

Based in Northern California, in Sonoma County, Robindira fills her life with inspiration to fuel ideas for her exotic jewelry collections. When she is not at her Moroccan inspired design studio working on her next line, she can be found exploring far flung destinations for design ideas, toiling in her garden or relaxing with her husband and two exuberant spaniels at home under their ancient wisteria vine.