Circle inlay Pendant - Forever

Circle inlay Pendant - Forever Circle inlay Pendant - Forever
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This sterling silver pendant by Gillian Hillerud, filled with pearls, mylar, 14K gold, gemstones, sequins and thread is like a small collection of treasures, intricate in detail, it certainly is a visual treat!

To give you an indication of how this pendant will look when you wear it, pictured left is a model shot of the Circle Inlay Infinity Pendant.

Pendant measures approx 1.4 cm in diameter, chain measures 41cm.

Handcrafted in Canada.

Gillian Hillerud

Creating work with concern for the body can be a powerful engagement. The intimacy of jewellery holds many messages and memories.

Fabricating this work is about creativity through a sculptural object that acquires intimacy through its scale and relationship to the body. Whether used as a powerful social statement or as a gentle memory of your mother's hands, jewellery has the ability to impact emotion.

My practice is the continuation of this history. As I design each object, it is a shared part of the story of my life. For each object that I make which becomes someone else's, that piece can begin to hold their history as well.

My creative process begins with a line. Design evolves from the beauty of a soft curve or the angle of a sharp corner. The space around the lines holds as much importance as the line itself.

These elements create a balance which is essential to my recent body of work. The work evolves into a series of wearable pieces which stand together as a completed thought. Repetition is a strong element of my work as is a sense of space. As the work transforms, materials such as metal, plastics and fibers become a focus.

Gillian is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


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