Cocoa Kimono Earrings

Cocoa Kimono Earrings Cocoa Kimono Earrings Cocoa Kimono Earrings
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Like the fabric of a beautiful kimono, these sterling silver earrings by Susan Fleming, have a lush, velvety cocoa colour that exudes charm and elegance.

The earrings have an inset of Japanese Chiyogami paper with a waterproof resin overlay. The pieces in this range have a funky and whimsical look.

Measures approx: 4 cm from top of ear wire to bottom of petal and 1 cm across.

At Lobo Luxe we feel strongly about providing earrings that have not been worn by anyone else, so even our models don't wear them! You will see the model holding the earring against her ear on a holder, it should give you a feel for the design and shape and how it will look when you make them your own : )

Handcrafted in the U.S.

Susan Fleming

I first fell in love with metalsmithing in high school where I took every class offered. After pursuing a degree in political and environmental science I realized my love for making jewelry had not waned. Shortly thereafter, I took a job with Sam Shaw on the Maine coast, where I honed my skills and gained valuable business experience. Since then I have been lured West where I maintain a studio with several great employees, in Jackson, Wyoming, USA.

My most recent body of work is inspired by wonderfully decorative chiyogami papers. These hand silk screened papers, which often display organic or geometric elements, can be incredibly ornate. Based on bright kimono textiles, these designs were developed in the Edo period as wood block prints and used to enliven farmhouse interiors. I extract small scenes from these papers, set them in sterling silver, and then protect them under a thin waterproof layer of resin.

If you would like to find out more you can check out the Blog, we recently interviewed Susan about her work and her inspirations: