Butterscotch Kiss

Butterscotch Kiss Butterscotch Kiss
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Like the wings of an ethereal butterscotch butterfly, these beautiful mustard chalcedony teardrop earrings on 14K gold filled wires, are bound to enchant.

Measures approx: 4.2cm drop, 3cm across.

Handcrafted by avindy, Atlanta, USA


Mother-daughter duo, Avril & Cindy, combine their passion for unique and beautiful objects to create jewelry using unusual combinations of gemstones, antiqued sterling silver, intricate gold chains and other vintage inspired accents.
Having lived in Africa and traveled the world, their designs reflect cultures from across the globe.
Over the years, Avril, a lawyer, and business owner, and Cindy, also a lawyer, used time away from their careers to nurture their creativity at the family cabin overlooking the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.
With a shared passion for designing, they made exquisite jewelry and in a short time avindy was born!
Avindy is worn by women everywhere who love the special feel and look they get from wearing avindy. Avril & Cindy make avindy in their historic loft studio in Atlanta often surrounded by their dogs, a new baby and a devoted group of staff.