Silver Haze Bangle with Pearl and Onyx

Silver Haze Bangle with  Pearl and Onyx Silver Haze Bangle with  Pearl and Onyx
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This sterling silver bangle by Mary Odorcic, has lots of appeal, a polished onyx, pearl and hollow circle charm; a contemporary twist on the charm bracelet.

The bangle in stock is an average size and is approx 64mm in diameter.

Pictured on the model is the silver haze bangle and another variation of the Silver Haze Bangle with Charms, this is just to give you the look and feel of how this bangle will look on your arm.

Handcrafted in Sydney, Australia.


Mary Odorcic

Mary Odorcic graduated from RMIT University in 2001 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Gold and Silversmithing with Honours. In the same year she won the Craft Victoria Fresh Award.

Since then, Mary has participated in several exhibitions, and continues to hone her skills with collections that are constantly being refined to suit certain designs and styles.

Mary's striking raw and chic pieces involve the twisting, cutting, hammering and soldering of silver and gold wire and plate into geometric and organic shapes. The shapes are brought together through the use of dazzling precious and semi precious stones, pastel hued pearl, coloured silk threads or her signature handmade resin chips and stones.

Colour is an important and vital part of Mary's work. She is inspired by the colour of various plants and flora. Mary tries to capture and incorporate the colour in nature in her work directly, by embedding assorted flora and natural objects in resin.

Mary is based in Sydney, Australia.


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