Estrella Bracelets

Estrella Bracelets Estrella Bracelets

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The spanish word for star is estrella, and you can see this beautifully captured in the fine silver charms on this delightful bracelet by Jose Marin.

Measures approx: unstretched 65mm

Materials:  crystal quartz, onyx, pearl, fine silver charms on elastic.

Handcrafted in Santiago, Chile.

Jose Marin

Jose Marin is a Chilean goldsmith, who through his ten year career has been recognised for his innovative designs; he creates contemporary works of art for the modern woman, that breaks with classic forms.

Each jewel is handmade a hundred percent in Chile, using pure materials like silver and copper, giving an artistic value to every piece.

What has drawn me to the work is the design aesthetic of the maker, Jose Marin has meticulous detail and precision. All his work has a sense of the ethereal, a touch of the divine, that intangible sense of connection.

His work attracts the viewer, and the inevitable wearer at a number of levels, and if you are lucky enough to own a piece, I am sure you will treasure it for many years to come.

The range includes fine silver, semi precious stones, mother of pearl, coral and elements found in abundance in South America.

Jose Marin collection is represented in South America, U.S.A and now Australia.