One of my passion purchases has always been the bangle. I think it is hard wired into my DNA - Indian women will always have one bangle or more tinkling on their arm. My fondest memories of childhood was hearing my Mother's 22ct gold bangles tinkle as she went about her day, the best tinkle was made when she was rolling parathas (indian bread), a joyous sound with the added anticipation of the yummy food yet to come.

For your enjoyment I have selected a heady assortment of bangles, some with gems, others with trinkets and adornments, some in silver others in gold or gold vermeil, lots of choice, no woman should be without a bangle or two on her arm!

Bangles that are stocked by Lobo Luxe are an average size and will fit most hands comfortably. To find out more about bangle sizing please read our Customer Care Section.