Gifts Fit For a Goddess: You!

Just for something a bit different, I have invited the super talented and stylish Lori, the editor of the Automatism* blog, to be a guest curator for Lobo Luxe.

Lori has chosen a Screen Goddess theme and matched these icons to some gorgeous pieces from the store. I hope you enjoy the results and perhaps translate Lori’s selections to the Goddess within you, and those closest to you : )

*Automatism blogspot has been recognised as one of the world’s top 50 design blogspots by Times Online and it is one of my favourite destinations when I am browsing the internet..

Lori: When Charmaine was kind enough to invite me to curate a holiday collection for Lobo Luxe, I thought it would be fun to combine the stores beautiful modern jewelry with the glamour of old Hollywood. Here’s the Lobo Luxe pieces I would give as gifts to some of the loveliest icons of the silver screen.

Images from top left in clockwise order:

Carole Lombard
A beautiful and gifted comedienne, for Carole Lombard I’d pick something that would appeal to her sense of fun. The Semi Precious Bangles by Elyssa Bass, would be perfect — they’re delicate, but with a playful dash of colour.

Greta Garbo
For the most enigmatic of film stars, I’d choose a subtly beautiful piece like the Azure Ring by Robindira Unsworth– its restrained design and delicate colour are a perfect match with Garbo’s classic beauty.

Grace Kelly
A princess of the silver screen who became one in real life, something regal would suit Grace — like the delicate Sophia Earrings by Joli Jewelry, which would be a lovely finishing touch to a floating evening dress.

Clara Bow
For the original “It” girl, I’d opt for something that would suit her vivacious personality, such as the Lime Zest Wren Brooch by Melanie Tomlinson– I can easily picture Clara pinning it onto a fetching little hat.

Images below starting from top left and in a clockwise direction:

Marilyn Monroe
For a star who has become a legend among legends, something that would reflect both her sensuality and her sweetness, like the exquisitely lovely Carmen With Pearl Necklace by Mary Odorcic.

Katherine Hepburn
Noted for her casual menswear-influenced style, for Katherine I’d choose a boldly feminine piece like the Summer Basket Brooch by Joli Jewelry. The brilliantly coloured brooch would look wonderful on the lapel of one of Katherine’s sport coats.

Audrey Hepburn
Graceful and the epitome of elegance, for Audrey I’d choose these delicate silver Cupola Earrings by Tracy de Chevron Villette, which would set off her fragile beauty wonderfully.

Elizabeth Taylor
Famous for her love of jewels as much as for her full blooded enjoyment of life, for Elizabeth I’d choose the dramatic Passion Ring by Rings Eclectic,  with its rich gold and glowing amethyst center — a perfect match for her famous violet eyes.

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