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The Queen of Hearts

Living by the sea in the Mornington Peninsula (Victoria, Australia), and having a passion for life and love, is our featured designer, Flick Pope.  You can click this link, to see the range in store.

I first discovered Flick’s collection over 18 months ago and I was fortunate to meet her shortly after.

After browsing through Flick’s extensive catalog of work, I was struck by the freshness of her style, there is a strong sense of place, love, romance and humour in her jewellery, and I think this is why her work is so popular in her home town, and now through Lobo Luxe, her following grows!

Flick’s collection is embellished with pearls, hammered and scratched textures, little adornments called ‘doo dads‘ and highlights of fine silver and bronze.

We’ll soon be showcasing some new designs from Flick; watch out for two new rings (the Queen of Hearts & Postcard Rings) and some gorgeous, whimsical bangles.

Flick tells us about her inspiration for her collection:

LL: What led you to jewellery design?

Flick: I loved working with metal at high school and my imagination would go wild.  My father was the head of a foundry school and I spent time during school holidays exploring the foundry.  I loved seeing molten metal being poured into sand moulds and a metal object being the finished product.  It was a very industrial place to witness an incredible process and initially I wanted to be the first female molder to work in the foundry.  However, this led me to the more refined and intricate process of gold and silver smithing.

LL: What inspires / influences you?

Flick: Life.  I am a great observer , I love detail and looking at things.  I see constant change around me, in my family and life.  Whatever it is, it excites me to design a new piece.  When I have the feeling of excitement, I can’t wait to draw and see a new design come to life.  It may be a leaf I have collected, or stones that I have made into earrings, they look edible, so I have called them “eat me”, or even a book I have read like “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” by D H Lawrence, which inspired me to create a whole new range of work.

Many themes are very personal, but when the final design comes about there is a lightness, freshness and even some humour.

LL: Do you share your workspace?  How would you describe it – organised or organic?

Flick: The workspace is shared with my long time friend Leisa, who with her husband, built a mud brick studio about 30 years ago. She asked me to join her space and we have shared our ideas even collaborating on some pieces for the last 25 years.

Recently Julie, a painter, joined our studio and brought another quirky dimension to the space.

Morning tea has been known to “go on for a bit” as we discuss each of our own ideas and current pieces.

Caroline has been my assistant for the last 5 years.

The studio is quite well organized as Leisa has all her glass blowing equipment in one half, while my workbenches face the bush and surrounds.

There is a small kitchen and somewhat of a bush bathroom.  Comfort enough.

LL: What are your passions outside jewellery?

Flick: My Husband and children are my passion. We all enjoy a good wallow in the sea and a skip down the road.  Our garden gives me great pleasure, I have loved building it around our house, we have built together.

LL: What tips would you give on how to wear jewellery?

Flick: A piece should be something that becomes part of the person who is wearing it, being careful not to take over; every piece takes on the personality of the wearer.

Top Image – clockwise from left: Flick’s design drawings, Flick (seated) and Caroline (Assistant), Queen of Hearts Earrings, Flick outside of her shared Studio, Queen of Hearts Neckpiece, ‘Eat Me’ jewellery pieces.

Image Below – from bottom left:  Doo Dad Bangle, Postcard Necklace, Heart Signet Ring.

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